Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety

-Facility Design / Process Hazard Analysis - Develop building, fire, electrical, mechanical, plumbing requirements for industrial / laboratory / manufacturing / pilot plant facilities. Work with your architects and engineers.

-Respiratory Protection- Fit Testing, Medical Evaluation Assistance, Selection of appropriate solutions

-COVID- Safety Planning

-Occupational Exposure Assessment - Air Sampling, Noise Sampling, Heat Stress, EMF/Radiation

-Odor Control

-Ventilation Assessment and Design - Local & Hazardous Exhaust Systems, General Ventilation, Hoods

-Startups/Small Businesses - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development, Determination of Applicable Rules/Regulations, Preparation of Applicable Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Plans, Permit Applications,Training Development (Presentations, Videos, etc.)

-Chemical Safety -Usage Reviews, SOP development, PPE selection, Waste Management

-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-PPE Assessment & Selection)

-Audits and Evaluations -OSHA, EPA, building/fire code

-OSHA Citations- Develop responses and abatement plans

-On-Site Health and Safety Supervision -Special Projects, Personnel Transitions, etc.)

-Training - Materials, Delivery


- Environmental Site Investigations - Property Acquisitions (Phase I/II); CERCLA Preliminary Assessments/Site Inspections

- Plan, Permit and Report Preparation (Wastewater, Storm Water, SPCC, APENS, Hazardous Waste Management,EPCRA Tier II & TRI, NESHAPS)

- Pollution Prevention and Sustainability- Project Implementation (energy reduction/alternative energy generation, air emission control, wastewater, solid waste/recycling)

-Solid and Hazardous Waste Management - (Hazardous Waste Management Plans, Waste Determination/Profiling, Recycling Plans)

-Auditing - Environmental Compliance, Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001)